Am I The Only One
Am I the only one?  I think I could be the only one on the planet that doesn't like Girl Scout Cookies.
Yes, I just said the unthinkable! I don't care for Girl Scout Cookies. I know just about everyone can't wait to get there hands on them as soon as they are available...
Things That Take You Back In Time
This may look like an ordinary pot cooking on the stove but to me  it brings back so many great memories.
This is a way for me to enjoy or of my favorite things without all the work. All my life my Grandma has made what we call cabbage balls...
Things I Don’t Like Doing
We all have things in life that we just don't like to do. We find any way to keep from doing them. There are a few on my list I am sure you can relate to.
1. Taking out the trash. I think that should be a man's job but since there is no man at my house I have to do it...

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