MARC Welcomes Josh Turner
Lonestar 92 and MARC welcome Josh Turner to this year's Big Boys Toys event, Saturday April 14th, at the Midland County Horseshoe.
MARC is an organization that supports those with developmental and behavioral issues. MARC always supports the Spectrum of Solutions, that provides different types o…
Austin Bombing Suspect Dead
According Fox News
the suspected serial bomber is dead after confrontation with police.
Within the last 24-36 hours police were able to close in on a suspect. They then learned the suspect was located in a hotel in Round Rock, just north of Austin...
First Day Of Spring Brings Free Ice Cream
Happy Spring everyone! Today, March 20th, is the first day of spring and you can get free ice cream.
In celebration of spring participating Dairy Queen restaurants are giving away a free small vanilla cone. DQ has been giving away free ice cream in support of Children's Miracle Network for years…
Get Your Tickets Here
Tickets are on sale now for two up coming shows at Dos Amigos! Parker McCollum and Josh Abbott Band are coming back!
Click below for each artist tickets
Parker McCollum will be Saturday April 21st.
Josh Abbott Band will be Friday June 22nd...
LoneStar92 Announces Two More Great Shows
LoneStar 92 is your ultimate concert connection! LoneStar 92 is teaming up with Dos Amigos to bring you more live music.
LoneStar 92 and Dos Amigos are proud to welcome Parker McCollum, Saturday April 21st.  Tickets will go on sale today, Monday March 19th at 12 noon...
Today Is National Pi Day But We Are Eating Pie
Today is National Pi Day, not to be confused with National Pie Day. However, Pi I means absolutely nothing to me! But, pie sounds like a great plan.
Pi has to do with the number 3.14, which today is 3/14. All the smart mathematicians out there can celebrate their day way they want to but I am celebra…
Cody Johnson Stops A FIght And Lays The Law Down
Cody Johnson is a true country boy. A fight broke out his recent show in Charlotte,NC and he wasn't having it, especially when a women was taken to the ground.
You might want to think twice before starting a fight at COJO show! In the video below you can see Cody Johnson stopping a fight in the club …

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