Happy Birthday to Kenny Chesney!

Kenneth Arnold Chesney was born March 26, 1968. Happy Birthday to my little man!

I have to tell you about the first time I met Kenny Chesney. I blew it! I was a total idiot. I was in such shock to meet Kenny Chesney I couldn't speak. It was my turn to take my picture and get my autograph and I couldn't speak. I just stood there looking at him.I was holding a guitar for him to sign. He finally asked me if I wanted him to sign it or hold it or something and I just stood there and stared. At this point I still couldn't speak. I felt like such a fool.

But I did get a chance to redeem myself last May when i got to meet him again. I didn't blow it this time. I actually spoke to him and took a great picture.

Here are my three favorite Kenny Chesney songs!

The Woman With You


Come Over


Back Where I Come From