I am a little slow to the Duck Dynasty band wagon but I have now started to catch some episodes but I will forever be a fan after seeing this!

Phil Robertson, also known as the Duck Commander is the father to four sons , drafted by the NFL after his days at Louisiana Tech along with Terry Bradshaw but turned it down for duck season. He married his high school sweetheart Miss Kay and they are still together today.

This is not about the success or crazy following of Duck Dynasty but one mans following of Jesus. If you have seen the show you know that Phil is a Christian man and relies on the Good Lord and the Good Book, so much so that he called out A&E for it.

As you will see before he called out producers and editors for cutting out "in Jesus Name" He knew that they aired his prepares but noticed those three very powerful words were being cut out, that he could not stand for. In the video below Phil explains why he doesn't understand, why anyone would take Jesus out of anything.

If you have ever wondered why Duck Dynasty has been a success and will continue to be a success, that's the reason. When you stand up for God, He will stand up for you. Way to go Duck Commander!