What's going on?

Blame it on the cat
My cats do some interesting things.  One will "high Five", usually when he wants something.  This guy's girlfriend found underwear in the bed that wasn't hers.  The boyfriend swore he had no idea where it came from?
Duece Bigalo aka Rob Schneider doing comedy tonight
Rob Schneider stopped by Lonestar 92 this morning.  Rob performs tonight at Wagner-Noel.  Rob's "All Lies" show.  He was actually funny and cordial.
One of the first things I said to Rob was "anything you want to talk about or not"...
No water at home sux
Apparently, a water main break at the apartment complex.  No plumbing professional wants to take on the job.
West Texas is getting...
Odessa is getting a new Chik-Fil-a.  Date tbd.  They are building it as we speak.  Midland has a new Goodwill on the loop.  Guess what's next?
A great way to see the Christmas lights
I haven't seen much in the way of Christmas lights around the area.  I don't travel through the right neighborhoods.  I saw there was a service, a business, that will fly you above the area for the price of $75.  It's a 5 seat plane.
Afraid of heights?
I was walking to the parking lot at home.  One of Midland's water towers is in the backyard.  A crew was climbing the tower