Reddit asked its readers, what were some of the some things in life that make us happy. I think I would agree, but there a few things I think I would add. Here is the list of the top 10.

1.  A shower with good water pressure.

2.  Sleeping in your own bed after a trip.

3.  Fresh sheets.

4.  Fresh bread, with butter that's easily spreadable.

5.  Getting a piece of food out of your teeth.

6.  Waking up for work, and realizing it's Saturday.

7.  When you're sick, and you can suddenly breathe through your nose again.

8.  Using the bathroom when you really have to go.

9.  Falling asleep on a road trip, and realizing you slept through a huge chunk of it.

10.  Hitting every green light.

One of the things that came in near the top was having your back scratched with someone's nails was one. I agree! It feels so much better than doing it your self!

The few things I would add would be....

This maybe TMI but as a woman one of the happiest time of the is when you get take your shoes and your bra off.

Another moment that makes you happy is when you get to eat your favorite meal!

For men I would think scratching their favorite place would make the top of the list.