Time is running out to get your mom something for Mother's Day.  My mom lives in San Angelo, so I'm limited as to what I can do.  I usually am very unoriginal and send flowers, which she likes.  But here are some better gift ideas for the woman that brought you up!
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    A New Watch

    That's a gift idea that won't break your wallet.  You can go from around $40 on up to however much you'd like to spend.

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    A Leather Clutch

    Okay, I've heard ladies talk about clutches before and I had to look it up to see what it is.  It's smaller than a purse but larger than a wallet.  Say your mom likes to go to the theater or out to eat, this lets her carry her essentials without having to carry a heavy purse.

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    If your mom likes wine, this is an excellent gift!  You might even enroll her in a wine-of-the-month club.  They send her a bottle or two every month!   Some of the clubs even send recipes for food suggestions to go with the wines they send.

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    Pearl Earrings

    Always a classic gift.

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    These are really popular these days.  They also have those open heart necklaces in gold, white gold and platinum with little diamonds.

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    A Kindle

    If your mom likes to read, you might try to bring her into the 21st Century with a tablet reader.  Once you show her how easy it is to download her favorite author's books instantly, she'll be hooked!

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    A Bluetooth Speaker

    If your mom likes music and has a smartphone, you can show her how to listen to her favorite songs in any room of the house (or outside).

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    Gardening Tools

    If your mom putters around in the yard, how about some new tools.  I bet the ones she has are rusty and dull.  This is a gift that any mom-gardener can really use!

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    Home Décor Items.

    A new jewelry box, some nice candles, cute gift baskets with spa items or picture frames (even better, picture frames with photos of your family).

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    Your Time

    Take her to brunch, go to church, enjoy a movie, visit a spa to get facials and massages, play cards, spend the afternoon helping her in the yard, if she doesn't drive, offer to take her to a friend's house to visit.  You mom will like doing just about anything to spend some time with you!