As women we like to feel pretty and we like to do pretty things, it makes us feel good. But, some of the things we like, men don't care for us doing them.

The Daily released the top 10 things women do to their bodies that men hate.

1.  Too much make-up.

2.  Botox

3.  A fake tan

4.  Plumped-up lips

5.  Fake eyelashes

6.  Hair extensions

7.  Huge fake boobs

8.  Drawn-on eyebrows

9.  Tattoos

10.  Bright red lipstick

I can understand a few of these, but not plum lips, make up, a tan, a red lipstick. A girl has got to have her red lip stick and I really like to be tan and the safest way to do it, is get a spray tan.  I would have my lips pumped if I could.

There is nothing wrong with some of the things we do to our bodies, sometimes they can be over done, but a little bit never hurt anyone.