This are true and on point! Please correct me if I'm wrong!


1. Go for a casual drive on the loop. 45 miles per hour on Loop 250 makes sense, right?

2. Taking up five parking spots for your truck during the rush hour at a restaurant.

3. Ask us one more time whether we ride horses everywhere.

4. Try and make a left turn on 42nd Street in Odessa or Wadley in Midland. I've got all day to wait.

5. Speed up when you see me backing my car out a parking space instead of waiting for me to drive away.

6. Speed up when I'm trying to merge onto the loop so I can't get over.

7. Get distracted and wait through your green light until it turns red and we all have to wait another cycle.

8. Drive drunk or text while driving. There are enough ways to die on the streets already without adding those to the mix.

9. Cut across two to three lanes of traffic and just expect everyone to stop in time.

10. Driving on snow, ice or flood streets as if they're not. Tailgating me isn't going to help either.