Taste of Country Nights radio has teamed up with a dozen different country stars to present this year's festive 12 Days of Christmas giveaway. Beginning Thursday (Dec. 6), host Jeremy Robinson will shower listeners and Taste of Country readers with awesome gifts, from Christmas decorations, to autographed guitars, to trips. A new prize will be given away each night.

"On the first night of Christmas, my favorite radio show gave to me ..." well you'll have to wait until after 7PM ET each night to learn that day's prize, but we promise it will be much more useful that a partridge or any of the other dirty birds mentioned in the real song. This final gift -- and it's a biggun' -- will be given away on Dec. 21.

To enter, listen to Taste of Country Nights radio at any of over 40 online radio stations, and be looking for each night's prize announcement on the Nights official site. You'll either have to call, text, or fill out an online form to win. Some prizes may require the winner to be 18 years old or older, but some are up for anyone to grab.

Be sure to follow Taste of Country Nights on Twitter for show updates, as well.