She can sing, act, and do just about whatever she wants to! Its Reba! Here are 8 things you may not know about the queen of country music.

8. As a young girl Reba helped her daddy with the cattle on their ranch. She was in charge of castrating the bulls

7.Faith Hill auditioned to be a back up singer for Reba, but didn't get the job. Luckily it was a decision that saved her life literally. Had Faith gotten the job she would have been on the plane that crashed that killed most of Reba's band.

6. Reba is one of three singing McEntire's. Her brother Pate and sister Susie are also singers

5. Her hobbies include, photography, skeet shooting and vacationing

4. She was actually offered George Strait's hit "Does Fort Worth Ever Cross Your Mind first." She turned it down because it mentioned beer in it.

3. Reba's hit with Linda Davis was actually offered to Wynonna first

2. When it comes to weddings she prefers, small one. She says she was never big on "big" weddings. In fact, both of hers were small

1. She is friends with President George Bush Sr. She and he text from time to time.