Thank goodness the good Lord was looking out for me last night. Last night I attended an oil show party and had to park out in a field, in the dark, way away from the party. Parking out there was not that big of deal.

I went to the party, stayed awhile and then left. No biggie right? I knew I was about to run out of gas, so I knew I had to get straight to the gas station. I pull up to the gas station and see something under my windshield wiper, its my little wallet.

OMG! I almost stopped breathing. First of all, I didn't know I had dropped it. Second, that someone found it and put it on under my wiper. Third, it rode all the way from I-20 to the gas station.

That was the Lord's work right there and a very kind and honest person. Thank you Lord for looking out for my absent minded self and thank you to the kind person, who found it and put it back on my car.

I promise I will pay this good deed forward!