Blair Gardner has been hosting After Midnite for the last twenty years. He has been keeping America company over night and now it is time for him to embark on a new adventure. Tonight will be his last broadcast hosting the show.

Facebook/Blair Garner

Blair Garner launched his show in 1993, located "From High Atop the Hills of Hollywood" in Los Angels and in 2009  moved his studios to Nashville. For the past four years he has been broadcasting from heart of Music City.

Announced a few weeks back Blair Garner will now be hosting the morning show for the new country radio station in New York City, WNSH.

We have all definitely enjoyed listening to After Midnite. I can remember listening to Blair as a teenager. My favorite thing was listening for the horoscopes. I am sad to see him go but wish him well in his new adventure.

To fill Blair's shoes for the rest of the year each week will be a celebrity host. Next weeks host will be Carrie Underwood.