As my house is finally little by little starting to come together, its time for me to put it back together.

During construction I started buying things to decorate my remodel, and you all know I love to be craft. I bout the sofa table that matches all other tables in my living room. My plan was to put it behind my couch, but it didn't quite work out that way.

The way I arranged my furniture didn't allow me to put the table behind my sofa, so I decided to use it as an entry way table. Now someone had to put it together.

I despise putting things together that require the use of an Alan wrench. The last time I was doing something someone informed me there was a drill bit that was like an Alan wrench. So this time I pulled out my drill.

I got the darn thing all together to realize I had put the bottom piece on backwards. Yes, I am naturally blonde. I got that fixed and now loving my table.

Who needs a man, when I have good tools and can do it myself.