My best friend is getting married this weekend and this will be my 6th wedding I have been apart of. Pretty soon I can star in the movie "27 Dresses."

Honestly what am I going to do with these dresses and why do they cost so much to wear one time, especially when its not my special day. Guys are lucky they rent their tux and it comes with shoes and everything. Not us girls. We have to go get shoes and jewelry and all that fancy stuff. Then once you get the dress you have to pay to have it altered, which sometimes cost almost as much as the dress.

I was in one wedding where the dress cost me $200 and she wanted us to get our shoes from the dress place because they had to be dyed there. That cost me another hundred dollars. Then I had to pay three hundred more dollars to buy the plane ticket to get to the wedding.

One wedding I was in, my friends mom knew we were all poor college kids, so she paid for our dresses. The others weren't so bad.

So this weekend I will do it all again. Thankfully this time it is a small simple wedding. But none the less I am excited for my best friend and the next chapter of her life.

By the way when I get married all these girls are gonna get pay backs because my wedding is going to be large and lavish.