Who is your favorite American Idol judge? Being big country music fans I know most of you will say Keith Urban but I think fans will really like Harry Connick Jr this season.

Jennifer Lopez, I think she will be different this season than past seasons. I think due to her fellow judges she will judge in a more musically profession way than before. I think she will be influential in the performing aspect. Like her or not the girl can rock a stage!

Last season America fell in love with Keith Urban even more than they already were. He was kind yet instructive to the contestants. In all honesty, he was the only judge with any relevance. I think he will be just as good if not better than he was last year.

Harry Connick Jr. I can't wait for him! I think he will be amazing! After watching his brief mentoring last season, I think he will do more for the contestants than anyone has before. He really wants to instruct, teach and guide them.

Which Idol judge is your favorite?