Last night we finally found out the top thirteen contestants that will be competing for the title of American Idol.

Tuesday night the girls sang and Wednesday night the boys sang and the twenty went down to 10 boys and 10 girls. America had to vote on who they wanted to go through.

Thursday night that 20 had to be whittled down to thirteen. America picked the top 10 and the judges picked the last three.

I really like the who was voted in. Probably because everyone I wanted to move on did.

Here are your top thirteen:

  1.  Malaya Watson
  2. Ben Briley
  3. Emily Piriz
  4.  Alex Preston
  5. Jessica Meuse
  6. Dexter Roberts
  7.  Caleb Johnson
  8. Majesty Rose. MK Noblette
  9.  Sam Wolfe
  10.  C.J. Harris
  11.  Jena Irene
  12.  Kristen O'Conner

It's no secret I am Dexterfied!!!!  My favorites are Dexter, Ben, C.J. and Jessica!

Who do you want to win? Who are your favorites?

Kevin Winter/GettyImages