It's Hollywood Week on 'American Idol,' and the competition is getting harder and harder. Wednesday night (Feb. 6) saw a couple of country singers go home, while two more went on to the next round.

The episode began with a twist, as producers announced that Wednesday night would only involve the men from the competition. Micah Johnson was the first singer to go through to the next round, delivering a strong version of Elton John's 'Benny and the Jets.' Johnson wowed the judges at his audition with a perfectly-controlled version of Zac Brown Band's 'Chicken Fried,' made all the more impressive because his voice was damaged during a tonsillectomy.

Firefighter Dustin Watts impressed the judges with the combination of good lucks and soul at his audition, singing the Garth Brooks hit 'She's Every Woman.' But he washed out on Wednesday night, failing to advance to the next round. Brian Rittenberry -- whose wife Megan survived cancer and got to meet her not-too-secret crush, 'Idol' judge Keith Urban -- also went home on Wednesday night, graciously saying that despite the fact that he felt the judges had made a mistake, he was blessed with his wife and family and was a lucky  man.

22-year-old aspiring country star Paul Jolley advanced to the next round. The singer earned his way to Hollywood by singing the Rascal Flatts hit 'I Won't Let Go' in honor of his late grandfather, and it looks like he will be one of the Top 40 in Season 12.

'American Idol' will resume on Thursday night (Jan 7), which will decide which of the female contestants will move on to the next round.