The 2015 Michelob Ultra Insane Inflatable 5k is just around the corner, have you signed up your team yet?

Join LoneStar92 March 21st for the Michelob Ultra Insane Inflatable 5k! Get your teams together, and pick out your costumes. Last year we had a ballerina team, a super hero team and many more! Get signed up now! 

Insane Inflatable

There will be an all new course this year and all new obstacles! Here is one of the monsters waiting to challenge you! Meet Pure Misery!

 This one looks like something the military would train Navy Seals with! It’s 100 feet long and combines two mountains to climb and columns to avoid as you and other runners test your agility, flexibility and endurance. As they say,misery loves company and your legs may feel it after climbing up and over two inclines that reach for the sky and then race your way down the other side.