Yesterday was not a good day for this girl! I wrecked by car I just purchased last October. Yes that's right I wrecked my car yesterday! Don't worry no one was hurt or injured because I hit a parked car!

Once again Yes, that's right I hit a parked car! Yesterday I was going to eat lunch with people from work and as I am pulling into the parking lot, its difficult to navigate as it is, well its under construction too. When I went to pull into the parking spot I thought I had plenty of room.

Its bad enough that I hit someone else's car but it was brand new, a 2013 Range Rover. I felt so horrible. I just messed up some one else's new car.

I am also so mad at myself! I can't believe I did this to my own car! I wouldn't have felt near as bad if would have been someone else's fault my car was messed up.

At the end of the day the cars are material things that can be fixed. Good thing is no one was hurt. The damage was not that bad to both cars which is a good thing.