In Governor Greg Abbott's press conference yesterday he announced more business openings in the state, one of them being bars.

Bar may open at 25% capacity and must follow and extra set of guidelines including:

  • Bars should install tables and chairs (if not there already) and offer table service so that guests must remain at their tables for orders and don’t congregate around the bar
  • To further discourage people from sitting and standing around the bar, bars are recommended to “physically block off the bar and remove or block off bar stools”
  • Like restaurants, guests are limited to groups of six or fewer people
  • Tables and groups should maintain distances of six feet or more
  • Dancing and other “activities that enable close human contact” aren’t banned but just “discouraged”
  • Disposable glassware, menus, and other serving utensils should be used
  • Orders should be placed with a server at the table or through a website or app
  • There should be a hand sanitizing station just inside the front door of the bar
  • Staffers should be in charge of maintaining lines to enter bars with social distancing guidelines
  • Video arcades, playgrounds, and other interactive activities must remain closed
  • Facial coverings are recommended for employees, but not required
  • Sanitize the space every day and high-touch contact areas after each use

Other businesses allowed to open Friday are:

  • Aquariums
  • Bowling alleys
  • Bingo halls
  • Natural caverns
  • Rodeos/Equestrian events
  • Skating rinks
  • Drew Anthony Smith, Getty Images