Being a single person you have to be the man and the woman of the house. I was having a conversation with a married guy at work and we were talking about things men do around the house and things women do around the house. I was saying how I hate yard work and how I pay someone to do it. So we were talking about things I can't pay someone to do that most women depend on their husbands to. He asked me for examples, so here are a few: take out the trash, get rid of the mouse in the mouse trap, when the dogs kill something in the back yard and I have to clean it up, moving something heavy. Those are just a few things. Don't get me wrong I am all for  woman being able to take care of herself but sometimes we need a man. Or should I say want a man for those things. It goes for single men too. They want a woman to cook and clean and iron their clothes. They don't have to have a woman for that but at the end of day they want to be taken care of too. That is why men and women are meant to be together so they can take care of each other. As much as women say they don't need a man and men say they don't need a woman that is just a front. We all need each other to make the world go round