Last Wednesday was set to honor 50 years of the Country Music Association, with Country's biggest night. Now instead of every one talking about the incredible night of music and history that was celebrated, we are talking about one performance and and one person.

It makes me incredible sad, that so much amazingness is being over looked for one not so great moment. Randy Travis sang for the first since his stroke for goodness sake. The montage that Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood did was amazing. The first eight minutes of the show was straight ridiculous.

I don't really like to involved in racial issues but this time I am. The country music audience being upset with Beyonce's performance at the CMA's was not because of the color of her skin, it was because it did not fit in with the theme of the night. If you are up set because a woman of color performed or have made a racial comment you should be ashamed. Country music is open and welcome to anyone who respects it's history, where it's come from, and where it, it going.

Country music respects all people. Country music, is based on talent, heart, and soul, not the color of one's skin.  For those of you who are throwing stones saying country is racist take a good hard look before you throw that stone, and you will see we are not!

Rick Diamond, Getty Iamges

Stop making the Beyonce performance at the CMA's a racial issue, it is not! For example, had Madonna or Cher got up and done the same thing, the result would have been the same. If Beyonce would have gotten up there and slayed a Patsy Cline song, the country fans would have broken the internet for her. \

Bottom line, her performance and outfit did not fit in with the theme of the night. And another thing, if any of you have used racial slurs or made racial comments shame on you! All that does is show your ignorance! Talk about that the real issue, not one that is easy to blame.