Beyonce is set to perform at the 50th annual 2016 Country Music Awards tonight (November 2), in a semi-surprise performance that had been rumored the day of the show. While Bey fans initially rejoiced at the prospect of Lemonade track "Daddy Lessons" getting the country-world nod it deserves, many people's excitement turned to impatience and irritation when they realized she wasn't, as rumored, opening the show. Which meant enduring a lot of, you know, country music before she took the stage.

Country star Brad Paisley welcomed Beyonce in a tweet before the CMAs, and reminded some evidently-ignorant fans that country artists "cross over" into the pop sphere on a regular basis. But a certain subsection of country fans voiced outrage at the mere prospect of the "Hold Up" singer — and Texas native — appearing at the show.

confirmation that Queen Bey would indeed be at the show, some viewers vowed to stop watching the show, with one citing the Grammy winner's alleged "hateful attitude" and another insisting "she's got her nose stuck in places it doesn't need to be."


You know you that b--- when you cause all that conversation, indeed.