Graham Central Station is proud to welcome Big Smo this Friday night to the Cowboys Stage! TICKETS

Graham Central Station

are on sale now! You can also get them at Graham Central Station.

Big Smo is quite unique to country music. In some ways he is like Cowboy Troy, combining the elements of country and rap. He raps about country.

The music might sound like rap but its all about country.

Chris Stacey of Warner Brothers:

“The moment I saw Big Smo on YouTube,” says Stacey, “I knew he was something special. I grew up loving rap music and loving country music, and Big Smo is the first artist that I have ever seen that seamlessly combines the two. Big Smo is for the kids with the jacked-up trucks and camo hats that love Jason Aldean and Brantley Glibert—but also bump Lil Wayne.” 

See what Big Smo is all about: