Blake Shelton stopped by 'The Tonight Show' with host Jimmy Fallon and, as always, it was hilarious. The two have comedic chemistry, but added to their humor by playing the very funny Whisper Challenge.

They sat down to play the game that has become popular on YouTube, and results in lots of laughs. One person puts on headphones with really loud music, while the other one has to whisper a phrase. The one in headphones then has to guess the phrase, which is usually wrong and much funnier.

"You win something? It's a contest? There's like keeping points or something?" Shelton asks Fallon before playing. "It's just something stupid we're doing or you keep score?"

After Shelton puts on the headphones, Fallon imitates the singer's thick Oklahoma accent to a laughing audience. The first phrase: Pumpkin Spice Latte. Shelton asked Fallon to repeat it a couple of times before completely getting it wrong. His wrong answer was, although much funnier, a lot more inappropriate than the coffee drink.

When it was Shelton's turn to whisper a phrase, it was actually a name. Shelton's card read "Benedict Cumberbatch," but he had no idea what a Cumberbatch was. "That doesn't even mean anything!" Shelton says. "Who? I've never even heard of that."

Shelton's next hilarious guess was "Show me the Nikes," which had Fallon laughing so hard he almost fell out of his seat. Watch the full segment above -- and be prepared to laugh out loud.

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