Blake Shelton takes fans for a fun, wild ride in his mostly live video for 'Neon Light.' The breakup anthem is a pick-me-up, and what better way to celebrate a breakup than with a Shelton show?

In the clip for 'Neon Light,' a song from his upcoming album 'Bringing Back the Sunshine,' Shelton gives fans a live show, reminding viewers there ain't no party like a Shelton party. From the first moments of a silhouette dancing in the sunshine to a fully loaded beer bong, it's nonstop fun.

The video starts with fans tailgating before a show like it's a football game, then shows Shelton stepping out of his tour bus and heading toward a parking lot full of comfy couches -- undoubtedly to drink a few cold ones in a cozy setting before the show.

The neon lights kick in, and Shelton takes the stage to an adoring crowd. Fans raise their cups full of ice cold beer while the singer plays 'Neon Light' for them in various venues. The crowd sings and dances while he strums his guitar and reminds them there is, in fact, a "neon light at the end of the tunnel," post-breakup.

While the video also shows the silly singer acting like himself backstage and on his bus, it's really a tribute to his fans, who enjoy his shows just as much as he does.

Check out the full video for 'Neon Light' above.

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