Some people prefer not to talk about when they have procedures done, but I don't mind. Over year ago I decided to have weight loss surgery to help change my life. But one thing I have always worried about is looking old. I don't want to look older, I want to be like Peter Pan and never grow up. New-U Med Spa in Midland is helping me with that!

I also have always had a complex about my lips. On one side of my top lip didn't match the other and it bothered me. I never thought I could go in and an hour later have it fixed. I always thought I would have gone to a plastic surgeon and go through a lengthy process. Not at All! With New-U Med Spa I was in and out with in about two hours for everything.

You can see the results for yourself. I am so pleased with the out come and the best part, it didn't hurt at all.

They are located at 3407 Caldera Blvd in Midland. Call them today at 699-2637. Ask about all of their great services including Cool Sculpting!