Brad Paisley returns to the water for his dramatic new 'Perfect Storm' video. While the entire clip won't be available until Tuesday (Oct. 7), the star has shared this intriguing preview with Taste of Country readers first.

One finds Paisley caught in a swirl of emotions and memories during the Jim Shea-directed clip. Rain comes crashing down on his trademark white cowboy hat and Telecaster while he plays. Once again, the singer's band is forced into a soaking in the name of art -- they got drenched for the filming of 'Water,' as well!

The wind blows debris and pictures of beautiful women by the camera's lens. At one point, the singer holds up a West Virginia University T-shirt before he fights off an 8x10 stuck to his guitar body. The whole thing feels cathartic.

'Perfect Storm' is the second single from Paisley's 'River Bank' album, released in August. The full video will be released on Tuesday morning on CMT.

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