Brad Paisley has taken the country drinking vibe to a whole new level. The country superstar built a fully functional private bar at his home in Tennessee, where he completed many of the tracks for his new album, 'Moonshine in the Trunk.'

Ironically, Paisley himself isn't much of a drinker; in fact, he's said in the past that he abstains completely. But the singer-songwriter wanted to create a great space to work on the new tracks with his collaborators -- a plan that worked worked out perfectly.

"We sit here a lot and write," he tells People magazine. "As you can imagine, there's a great vibe. It sounds good in here, too, because the whole room is rock and maple, and so you're talking about something that acoustically feels good, as a guitar player and singer. I would say the last three or four songs on the album were written entirely in this room."

The exclusive tap house, which Brad dubs the Paisley Potion Room, is stocked with a full range of liquor including some rare legal moonshine, as well as an unmarked Mason jar of what is obviously ... uh, water. But that's not Paisley's favorite part.

"Something unique to this bar that you can only get one other place in the world," he proudly points out, "is a shot of bourbon in an Air Force One glass."

That's a souvenir of Paisley's top-secret trip to Afghanistan, where he accompanied President Obama to sing for the troops. The singer calls the trip "the honor of a lifetime."

'Moonshine in the Trunk' was released on Aug. 26. Its first single was the playful 'River Bank.' The most recent single is 'Perfect Storm.' The album is available at Amazon and iTunes.

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