Brantley Gilbert is a talented songwriter and performer, the leader of BG Nation and an expert at a 'Small Town Throwdown,' but he's also an ordained minister! The 'Bottoms Up' singer is making a couple of fans' dreams come true when he helps them say "I do" next month.

When most people think of Gilbert, they think of country music mixed with rock and roll, a tough singer with a sensitive songwriting side. It may surprise most fans to know he's also ordained. Apparently, the singer got ordained to possibly marry a few of his friends. The Georgia native says that his manager is the one who filled out the paperwork for him to become ordained, but it's not going to waste. It's unclear whether Gilbert has married anyone yet, but that's about to change.

Gilbert has joked about marrying fans in the past -- even joked about marrying them on his bus! Now, he's actually going to be performing a ceremony on the last day of a music festival. Bayfest is Alabama's largest music festival and a fitting place for music fans to get hitched. The festival features Gilbert, Frankie Ballard, Alabama, Kid Rock, Thompson Square and others on the bill,  and that's where he'll help fans wed on Oct. 5. It's all part of a contest for 95KSJ, which could be a dream come true for some members of BG Nation.

Going Home With Brantley Gilbert