This year I have decided to camp at CrudeFest and I had to make sure I was equipped with the most amenities possible.

Going to the river I don't mind the tent experience but for CrudeFest, I wanted a shower, a private bathroom and a place to sleep that wasn't on the ground.

Thanks to Miller's R


V Specialty Inc.


I found the perfect accommodations! I went to Miller's RV and picked out an amazing travel trailer. I will get to enjoy a queen size bed, full kitchen and bathroom. I will also have room to have people stop by and hang out with a slide to extend the table and sofa.

At the opposite end of the queen side bed there is a separate room with four bunk beds in case I have some friends who don't need to drive home.

Millers RV can get you fixed up for all your RV Camping needs. They are located 3912 S CR 1290, Coors Rd.