There are two types of people in life, those that are OCD, and those that are messy. But can you be both? I think so. Well it just so happens that I fall into the messy category. I try so hard not be, but due to some of my hoarding instincts, sometimes things get messy.

I am also an all or nothing  person. So its all tidy or its all messy. I am so weird when it comes to cleaning, I tear everything a part to put it all back perfectly and it stays that way for a while and then I will find myself with a pile.

Here is the thing about my messiness, I usually know where everything is. If I put it put somewhere, I always forget where I put it. But if it's in a mess I know exactly where it is.

I have actually been wanting to put shelves in my shoe room for a while, and now that the shelves that I have couldn't hold one more pair, I had to break out the organization skills.

Yesterday, I went to the store and bought shoe shelves. I was keeping all my shoes in the boxes but I wasn't very good at putting them back in the box, so once again they were all a mess.

I have now solved that problem, shoe shelves that keep the shoes together, they can be displayed and easy to put back in their spot!