Chances are, if you're Carrie Underwood, you're not reading this. Underwood is no stranger to the being a centerpiece for media headlines -- but she shies away from reading what's inside the articles, and never, ever searches her name online.

"I definitely do not Google myself ever .. that's a really bad idea," Underwood told Taste of Country during a recent press gathering in Nashville. "Usually somebody else will say something to me, or I am just flipping through a magazine and I'm like, 'What? What is this about? We went to a romantic what? What did we do?' [laughs] It's never intentional. It's always brought to my attention or somebody else will tell me."

However, one of Underwood's biggest fans continually breaks the rule about not telling the singer when she's mentioned in a story. The culprit? Underwood's mother, who finds it hard not to read stories when the topic is her daughter.

"I'll be like, 'Mom, you've got to stop telling me stuff' because some of it does make me mad," Underwood insists with a smile. "[I tell her she] needs to stop reading it herself [and] don't ever read comments below anything... ever!"

Unfortunately for the 'Good Girl' star, she may have a hard time not coming across stories about herself in the coming months, as she prepares to launch her heavily-anticipated Blown Away Tour soon. Click here to see a list of tour dates.