Now that Carrie Underwood's baby bump is just about fully loaded, she's found a delicious use for it! When she needs a little snack, Underwood can her belly as a snack tray.

The 'Something in the Water' singer took to Twitter to remind us that she is one of the cutest pregnant women of all time. Underwood shared a photo of herself sitting on the couch, hair down and casual, with her bump front and center ... and a snack bowl sitting on it! The resourceful singer is using her bump to hold what looks like Chex Mix. Coffee table, schmoffee table, right?

"Pregnancy perk: using my belly as a tabletop for my snacks!" the superstar writes. "Nom nom nom..."

This isn't the first time that she's used her growing belly to her advantage. Back in November, the singer let her dog, Miss Penny Jean, use the baby as a puppy pillow. Underwood is making the most of her pregnancy, despite having a few pregnancy meltdowns here and there.

Baby boy (thanks, Brad Paisley!) is due in spring 2015.

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