Carrie Underwood's Storyteller album cover shows the singer with tousled hair and a relaxed, confident smile. It's a more natural look than the dramatic cover for Blown Away, perhaps one that reflects the mood of the 13 songs to come.

Randee St. Nicholas took the photo for Underwood's fifth studio album on Arista Nashville. She also directed Underwood's new music video for "Smoke Break," released on Monday night via Entertainment Tonight. During a Facebook chat with fans, the singer revealed than many of the six songs she helped write on Storyteller bring more twang than her fans may be used to.

“I just went with it,” she says. “I love the story telling aspect of country music … it’s one of the reasons I always wanted to be a part of it."

Underwood tells Entertainment Weekly that the songs on Storyteller are very relatable, and her cover art reflects this easygoing attitude. “Each album so far has had its own look, its own feel, its own sound," she says, “and this upcoming album is definitely no exception.”

Look for Storyteller on Oct. 23. So far "Smoke Break" is the only confirmed track, but she promised one that was inspired by both her husband and six-month-old son. “It’s kind of one of the same song,” she tells Taste of Country Nights radio. “(It’s) about the things we never really knew that we wanted in life. You don’t realize that there’s something missing until you have it.”

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