Today is Wellness Wednesday brought to you by Medical Center Hospital, and its a day to celebrate! Today officially marks six months since I have had my surgery.

So much has changed in the last six months emotionally, physically, emotionally. Other than the obvious like my clothes getter bigger, my face getting thinner, and having so much more energy, its the little things that have surprised me.

As of today I have lost 70 pounds! I spent so long stuck at 66lbs but, my trainer Mark from Mission Fitness, kept encouraging me and pushing me, and then I finally got over the plateau. It feels so good to be feeling good!

The other night I was sitting in the bath tub with my feet on the edge and I was looking at my feet and they are boney now. There is space between my toes. LOL Even my feet are getting smaller!

I am so happy. Having surgery was the best thing I have done. I can't say THANK YOU enough to Dr. Davenport, his staff, the staff a Medical Center Hospital and Mark and the staff at Mission Fitness.