Former NFL star Chad Johnson was in a courtroom in Florida today to face the consequences of violating his probation. All was well and good, until....

Chad Johnson accepted the terms given to him for violating his probation, the judge went lenient on him, making him do some community service and going to counseling. As well as adding three months to his probation. Ok that's fine. Chad excepted what he got.

Then the judge asked if he was happy with his attorney and Chad said yes. When the judge told him he should be, Chad reached over and gave his attorney a "good game." If you know sports at all, you know that is a slap on the behind.

The whole court room busted out laughing and the judge thought Chad was being disrespectful and totally did not understand the gesture. She jumped to the conclusion, he was not taking her seriously and revoked everything she had just given him and ordered him to 30 days in the county jail.

Chad is back in court now trying to fight it, and prove that he did not mean any disrespect at all.

If you ask me, if she was gonna give him 30 days it should have been for slapping his then wife, not a friendly gesture to his attorney.

Do you think this was a little harsh?