As you all know I just got back from the Annual LoneStar 92 Morning Crew Cruise and it was amazing. There was one major thing that was different on this cruise than the others. It was ME! I was different. Most of you know last November I began a new journey in my life. A journey to change my life. Since then I have lost 80lbs. Last November I had reached the bottom of the barrel. I was miserable with myself and knew I had to change. I was introduced to a program with InShape MD. I felt like this was my last chance if I didn't do something then I didn't know what I would do. Never in my mind would I have thought I would have had so much success. I feel like a whole new person. I was the easiest thing I have ever done.

So this year when it got time for us to go on our cruise I wasn't uncomfortable. I wasn't ashamed or embarrassed. I was able to do everything everyone else was doing and not held back because of my weight. This time I am not ashamed to share my pictures with others because of the way I looked. For once I wasn't embarrassed to come home and share  my pictures. Thanks to InShape MD for helping lose the weight and not only changing my life but enjoying my cruise on a whole new level.