I have said on many occasions I am so ready for Christmas. A few weeks ago I was ready to start decorating. I know it was around Halloween when I got the fever. I didn't start decorating but I did start collecting decorations.

Our big family Christmas will be held at my house this year, so I want it to be as festive as possible. A few weeks a go I met with Kim from Happy Everything  to begin my Christmas design. She will be making a mantle piece for my fire place and the center piece for my table and more. After meeting with her I couldn't wait to start decorating.

I already have a tree and I have picked up some other decorations but this weekend i got one of the most important pieces of the decor, the stockings.

I am so excited about my stockings! My mom acted like now since the stockings would be hung at my house that I was responsible for them. I politely reminded her, no Santa was still in charge of filling those stalkings!