Whatever happen to common courtesy? What ever happen to manners? When did parents stop teaching their children to respect their elders? Say yes ma'am and no ma'am, yes sir, and no sir? Holding the door open for people, letting older people or ladies  sit down? I am just amazed when I hear young people answer their parents with a response of "yeah." Its mostly us as adults fault for A: not teaching them to say it and B: not requiring them to say it. This weekend I was at the mall and my friend and I were going in the door and 3 teenagers were coming out and basically let the door slam into us.  They never gave us another look. Don't even know if thy noticed we were there. I will say this again I am amazed to watch the interaction with people. If I ever run into some I kindly say "I'm sorry." There is no need to be rude, have the common courtesy to be polite.

To me that is one of the worlds biggest problems, no respect for other people. Does it really take that much time to hold the door open for people? Does it really take that much more effort to be polite. You could possibly turn someone's day around but a simple gesture of kindness. Where much respect is given much is required.