What did we ever do before cell phones and now especially smart phones. Everywhere you go you will always see someone with their nose burried in the phone. Communication is being lost in cyber space. 

Im not saying I want to be without my smart phone or social media page but; what happen to the days where people talked to each other. What happen to the days when a man called a woman to get to know her, instead some random text message. Parents sat down with their children and talked. Now they talk to each other via text message. How will your children ever learn how to communicate and interact if the only way they communicate is with a keyboard. Where did quality time go. Some of the best conversations I have ever had never came through email or text or facebook. They came from spending time with the ones who are important to me. I text but I am not a fan. I would rather talk to someone say what I have to say and be done with it, instead of this back and forth conversation that is drawn out forever. And sometimes its nice to hear someone's voice. Stop letting a matter of convience take away the one on one  time you can spend with someone.