I can't stand bad customer service. Nothing drives me more crazy than to go somewhere and get horrible service. I understand people have bad days but gees. If customer service is your job than you should take pride in it. If you don't like dealing with people don't work in customer service. I go to work everyday and try to do my best. It is my job to make sure people's day starts out on a good note. Who would want to wake up to a grump every day. NO one!

The thing that gets me the most is messing up my order. If you are in the food service industry it is your job to pay attention. Nothing chaps my hide more than to have my order messed up. Especially fast food. My order is only requiring 30 seconds of your time. How do you get it wrong? Once again I understand things happen so I do give a little room for error.

My company pays me to do a good job. Therefore that is what I am required to give them. I take pride in what I do. What happen to that. When did people stop caring.