All through music history different types of music have crossed over and collaborated, some like it and some don't. I think die hard country folks are not a fan but I think it is starting to appeal to more people now.

Tonight on the Tim McGraw special, country mixing with hip hop was all over the place and  me myself, I kind of like it!

During the show Florida-Georgia Line sang with Nelly, Tim sang with Ne-Yo and Pittbull. A couple of years ago Jason Aldean added Ludacris to "Dirt Road Anthem. I like the idea. I think it spices country up a little bit. Blake Shelton and Jason Aldean have now recorded songs with a rap sound to them. Sugarland also did it with " Stuck Like Glue."

Like I said, some people like it and some people don't but I would have to say, I like it!