Craig Morgan has released the video for his new single, 'We'll Come Back Around.'

Morgan says he considers the song a real love song, not skimming over the hard parts of relationships but instead saying that, despite arguments and hard times, the couple in the song weathers the storm to come back together.

"That's what real love's about," he tells USA Today. "It's not fun and games all the time. It can be difficult. You have to work at it. That's what this song is about, and, to me, it's kind of a sexy thing."

The 50-year-old country singer has been married to his wife, Karen, for 26 years.

"[We] don't have a volatile relationship by any means, but we absolutely have arguments." he says. "We joke about it: It's okay to argue in our relationship, because we have a whole lot of fun making up."

'We'll Come Back Around,' one of four new tracks off Morgan's latest album, 'The Journey (Livin' Hits),' is available for download on Amazon and iTunes.