CrudeFest, the word just makes you think of awesome outdoor concerts, camping out in RVs and enjoying some great food and cold beer!

Day one was an awesome experience. It started out with a cloudy day that thankfully wasn't too hot and the rain had let up at least for a little while so we could all get set up. The RVs and campers quickly filled up the parking lot and you could see the line of eager fans ready to get in. We talked to several out of towners and some had traveled as far away as Albuquerque or even Oregon! As you know, at CrudeFest, we're all about having a good time no matter where you come from. We did see some people going all out with their campers, even putting down carpet outside their front door and along the side so you wouldn't have to walk on the dirt. It was nice to see so many people going to and from RVs and campers just to chat it up and maybe have a cold one. We did see a few people having a great game of corn hole right outside their camper as the grilling got underway.

The first band to take the stage was No Dry County who has become quite popular in West Texas and even been featured on LoneStar 92's music video series. The band got the crowd going on the right foot as they sang their hits like "Tupelo" and more.

Gwen in the Morning from LoneStar 92 was there to introduce the bands as they took the stage and for those who didn't want to stand for the whole concert, they could watch the show from their lawn chairs as the bands were shown on the jumbotron.

The next to hit the stage was Larry Joe Taylor. This guy put on a great show and his guitarist wowed the crowd with his solos. Near the end, he dedicated a song to a dear friend who had passed away and you can tell the crowd was feeling his emotions when he sang.

Next, was Zane Williams and if you've ever heard of a cowboy being able to charm the ladies, this guy can do it. Guys, take note! He didn't need the big arena or special effects to keep the crowd dancing and everyone having a good time. He even stood on the pit in front of the stage so he could sing even closer to the crowd.

The night continued with more and more awesome country music until Mother Nature decided to steal the show for a while. Organizers made sure that everyone stayed safe and once the rain died down, Jason Boland got the show fired up again!

If you're wondering what the weather's doing right now, check out the radar below.

We're keeping an eye on the weather and it wouldn't hurt to bring some sunscreen because you can get burned even through the clouds.

If you're wanting to know who is taking the stage today, here is the lineup:

2:15 - Sam Riggs

3:30 - Mark McKinney

4:45 - Bart Crow

6:15 - Whiskey Myers

7:45 - Stoney Larue

9:15 - Kevin Fowler

10:45 - Randy Rogers Band