When Dierks Bentley fan Lyndsey confessed her super-fandom as part of the artist’s “Behind Black" campaign, she probably didn’t expect to get a similar confession from him.

Lyndsey explains in her video that some people may call her "obsessed" with Bentley, but she doesn’t agree. Cue faux-candid clips of the fan writing love letters to the singer, drawing his name on her face, dancing to his songs, eating popcorn while watching his videos and other mildly-fanatic behaviors.

Though Lyndsey admits she doesn’t actually do those things, she does say she’s a huge fan. “It’s crazy, all your songs, they never get old to me,” she says sincerely. “Your songs, they just tell stories. So long story short, you’re just really awesome."

Bentley tweeted the video and responded in kind, saying, “umm…yeah i’m obsessed too lyndsey?” complete with an embarrassed, slightly WTF face emoji.

The Behind Black campaign is a tribute to all the people who helped make Bentley’s new record, Black, possible. From tour managers to the marketing team, Bentley has uploaded videos about each individual person that had a hand in making the album. As part of this effort, Bentley asked fans to submit their own stories, for which Lyndsey went above and beyond. Several other fan stories are already available on the Behind Black site, and more are sure to come.

Black was released May 27 and spans an array of emotions, but the artist said it’s one of his most personal yet, hitting on some deeper subject matter. Its most recent single, “Different for Girls," features pop star Elle King and speaks to the unique ways women deal with a breakup versus how guys handle it.

“It’s a song I couldn’t have sung seven years ago before my daughter Evie was born. I could have, but I would have just sung it from one standpoint. Now I see it all the time. I have my girls … and I think the world is skewed some ways not in their favor,” he says.

The artist is currently on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour, which features Cam, Tucker Beathard, and Randy Houser on its first leg and will continue in October with Houser and Drake White.

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