Dierks Bentley shakes his head in embarrassment when he admits his daughters can sing along to every word to all of his songs, but not because he’s bashful about his talent. The girls apparently know all of the words ... yep, even those words.

The artist shares with ET that his girls, Evie and Jordan, love to sing along to his song “What the Hell Did I Say" while riding in the car.

"'What the Hell' mentions the word ‘hell' probably like 50 times — my 5-year-old is singing ‘hell' over & over again,” Bentley says, grimacing.

"'What’s that first line about 'Somewhere on the Beach' like, she’s got a body and she’s naughty?'" he adds, impersonating his daughter, then covering his face in guilt at the thought of it.

Though he also has a son, 2-year-old Knox, Bentley says there’s something about having daughters has changed his perspective on life.

"I see the world differently now because of my two daughters,” he explains.

Bentley has mentioned this before, particularly along with the release of his latest single "Different for Girls," a collaboration with pop star Elle King. The song talks about the way women deal with breakups versus how guys deal with them, which he says was partly inspired by having little girls.

“It’s a song I couldn’t have sung seven years ago before my daughter Evie was born. I could have, but I would have just sung it from one standpoint. Now I see it all the time. I have my girls … and I think the world is skewed some ways not in their favor,” he commented.

The "Somewhere on a Beach" singer also tells ET about how he manages to keep his family life and performance life separate, putting on a persona on stage and turning it off at home.

Bentley’s new album Black is available now, and the artist is currently on his Somewhere on a Beach Tour with Cam, Randy Houser and Tucker Beathard.

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