You guys probably think I make this stuff up, but your wrong it all happens to me. This actually happened before the running out of gas incident.

Sunday I was at my mom's house helping her finish up her newly remodeled bathroom. We were all done so I was taking a picture of it. Right after the picture I dropped my phone and it shattered the face. I know, I know, everyone says you should have had a case. The reason I didn't have a case if because my phone was such a piece, I had to keep the mophie charger on it, because my battery wouldn't stay charged.

Ok, so I deal with the fact that I shattered the phone, I called a friend of mine who had an extra one I could use. Before I can get the two phones switched out, I dropped mine again. Now it will barely work at all.

When we tried to set up the phone, you have to have the old users apple ID and password, well no one could remember it.

So through a long rabbit trail yesterday I finally got a phone that works again.  Thank you to Big Jon and Kimmy for coming to my rescue once again.