When Dolly Parton married husband Carl Dean in 1956, they did so secretly and quietly. That won't be the case when the singer celebrates 50 years of marriage later this year.

Parton says her second wedding dress will be anything but Pure & Simple, the title of her upcoming album and tour. This time she's doing it big, because 50 years ago, she couldn't. At that time she'd just signed with Monument Records, and the label head had invested a lot of money in her. One day, as she was planning her wedding, he called her into his office and asked that she wait a year to marry as he wanted to make sure she was free to work.

“I said ‘Okay,’" Parton recalled during a press event to announce the new album. "That weekend, me and Carl went to Ringgold, Ga., and got married so it wouldn’t be in the Tennessee papers.”

It was just the singer, her fiancè, her mother, the witness, a Baptist preacher and the preacher's wife in attendance. Parton says she missed having a big dress and party, so she's currently getting fitted properly. On Sunday, Carl tried on suits for the party.

“We’re gonna take a bunch of pictures," Parton says. "I might even sell some to the rag mags and take the money and give it to the Imagination Library.”

Parton's wedding anniversary is in May.

Parton will begin a 60-date tour through America and Canada in June. It's her biggest tour in over 25 years and will coincide with the release of her Pure & Simple With Dolly's Biggest Hits album, a double disc collection of new songs and old hits.

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